What is the best treatment for aging hands?

After all, hands are the second thing people look at when having a conversation with someone.  To help achieve an overall younger look, include the back of your hand in your skincare regime. 
Daily, sun protection is very important, and if outside, reapply every three hours.  The product I recommend is Hydropeptide Solar Defense Hand Guard, this product has an SPF of 15 (you want a bit of color on your hands).  Hydro Peptides are clinically clean products that are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Their hand cream is enriched with collagen-boosting peptides, while the niacinamide evens out the tone and protects from free radicals. hyperlink   At night before bed, I recommend Power Lux by Hydro Peptides, this product provides potent hydration, and helps to firm aging skin. 
We also wash hands now more than ever, our water has chlorine and hands soap can be drying. When working in the garden, or dishes and housework, wear protective gloves as much as possible. 
Twice a week I recommend exfoliation, with  Hydro Peptides Peel one and Peel 2 which reduces lines and wrinkles, and promotes healthy skin renewal ( out of the 7 layers of skin the top three layers are mostly dead skin)  brightens hyperpigmentation and improves skin radiants. Then massage in your Power Lux and apply Hydro Peptides Sleeping Mask over top.  This luxurious sleeping mask contours the skin with layers of intense restorative hydration sheet and pillow proof beautifully smooths and protects the skin overnight. 
As a gift contact us at shop@defining-beauty.ca for an anti-aging hand massage technique and timeless hand treatment for the best anti-aging hand treatment.  

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